W  o  r  l  d  c  l  a  s  s     F  l  y     F  i  s  h  i  n  g     i  n     P  a  t  a  g  o  n  i  a ,   C  h  i  l  e



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Near the end of the Pan American Highway, in Chilean Patagonia, lies a vast land of rivers, lagoons, lakes and streams teeming with trophy rainbow and brown trout. Inaccessible and protected by harsh winter weather for most of the year, the fish grow bigger and more wild.

As Fall comes to North America, Spring comes to Patagonia. Then begins the season at Campo Chileno where each year a lucky few anglers from around the globe come to experience the world-class fly fishing of Patagonia.

Make this your year - come join us at Campo Chileno!